The home maintenance service is the process of maintaining, protecting and caring for your property, respecting its original value so that you can enjoy it always and for many years.
You really feel carefree, knowing that as long as you are absent, someone you trust will take care of your property as if it were their own!

Why is home maintenance management important?

Since houses today are more peculiar and technologically advanced, maintenance and protection have become even more demanding.
In addition to cleaning, the idea of ​​having a constant maintenance service for your property may seem superfluous, but it will certainly be useful when something goes wrong and especially when you are not present at the time of the damage.
Taking advantage of a good maintenance service that takes care of protecting and improving your property and its systems, avoids the burden of looking for a technician during the summer season, which is often difficult to achieve especially in the face of urgent damage
Proper maintenance of your home gives you more satisfaction and long-term savings, protects you from unpleasant surprises resulting from much higher future maintenance and repair costs!
Art-Tech is pleased to offer you two types of technical support contract, one for 6 months and one for 12 months. With an Art-Tech maintenance contract you have priority in troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and free consultancy services.

The services offered are:

• Pool maintenance
• Maintenance, care and irrigation of gardens and lawns
• Maintenance of the complex with regard to the care and control of electric lighting and irrigation networks.
• Maintenance of electrical / hydraulic problems
• Painting and maintenance decoration
• Maintenance repair of air conditioners


Our services are of two types:

First aid: our technician is at your home within 90 "of the notification
Daily Aid: our technician is at your home within 24 "hours of notification

Art-Tech technical support contracts offer price options that can be assessed in relation to the type and size of the property.
With our contract, the call and the intervention of the technician are completely free, only the cost of any replaced materials will be charged with regular issue of the legal document.
A maintenance and support contract can save you a lot from future maintenance and repair costs!

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